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Jenny Bryant is an experienced classical homeopath who uses kinesiology and VEGA testing within her practice. She works out of three practices, located in Maidenhead, Beaconsfield and Basingstoke where she treats people of all ages from all walks of life; from business executives to senior citizens.

Homeopathy offers an complementary approach to many health problems, particularly those that are often difficult to address through orthodox healthcare treatments and in particular drug based therapies. For those who may have concerns in pursing a Homeopathic treatment, it may be comforting to know that homeopathy can be used independently or in conjunction with traditional medicine.

Jenny feels that homeopathy is a truly gentle and effective way of treating many modern illnesses, especially in cases where other forms of treatment cannot help. As well as alleviating symptoms, homeopathy can also work in a preventative way, supporting and boosting a person's vitality and immune system; giving the body more resilience to cope with the stresses of modern life, which so often result in poor health.

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About Jenny

Jenny is married with two children. It was through her pregnancies and her children's infancy that Jenny first started using homeopathy. Jenny's career has included 9 years living and working in Germany where her children were born and also working in the field of information technology.

Jenny's inspiration to pursue a career in homeopathy can be attributed to the effective treatment that both her children received during their births and onwards, resulting in happy, healthy children.

As a
registered member of the The Society of Homeopaths, Jenny abides by a strict rule of conduct and ethics and is committed to ongoing training. A copy of the Society's 'Code of Ethics and Practice'  can be ordered on request directly from the Society.

What I do

The first consultation takes around 1 and 1/2 hours. Homeopathy is a holistic treatment, treating a patient on all levels; mental, physical and emotional. Hence I will question you about the condition that you need to be treated, but also on many other aspects of your life. A fundamental of homeopathic understanding and philosophy is that illness can result from prolonged emotional and mental stress. Hence it stands to reason that a large proportion of the consultation involves questioning around events in your life around the time a condition started and its impact upon you emotionally. I recognise also that environmental factors can impact your health, so I might also recommend nutritional and lifestyle changes as part of the overall treatment. A classic example is 'How much water do you drink?'. Very few people drink sufficient water and are constantly dehydrated!

Once the consultation is complete, a homeopathic remedy will probably be prescribed, either in the form of small sugar tablets to be taken over 24 hours or drops to be taken daily. I recommend that in some conditions, for example migraines, that the patient keeps a symptom diary, so when they return for a follow-up 3-4 weeks later, assessment of progress can be better made. During the time between appointments, I always tell my patients that any concerns or questions can usually be addressed quite quickly if they telephone me.

At the follow-up appointment I will check through the points that were raise at the first consultation. This process helps me check through all the symptoms discussed and allows me to assess the progress the patient has made after treatment. Depending on the progress, they may either receive a repeat prescription or a change of prescription. This appointment is extremely important because the initial response to the remedy is unique to every patient and indicative of how future treatment can progress with regard to remedies and dosage.

The number of follow-up appointments after that point varies from patient to patient. A rule of thumb in treatment is that for every year a person has suffered with a condition, it will take that many months to effect a cure. However, regular homeopathic treatment can also help maintain health and is a good approach to preventing illness as well as treating illness. The Queen Mother was a wonderful example of the results of years of homeopathic treatment.

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